Low cholesterol diet plan

5 Tips to Low Cholesterol Diet Plan

High cholesterol can be harmful to health. Therefore, it’s hard for everyone to try to lower cholesterol levels in the blood. How are the ways can be done is too low cholesterol diet plan? This is a long term solution and should consistently run it.

5 tips for weight loss with low cholesterol diet

1. Set your diet

Eat healthy and nutritious foods that contain substances that can help reduce your cholesterol levels. These types of foods are like soy milk, avocados, almonds, tuna, and others. Also add foods rich in fiber and protein such as vegetables, fruits, and nuts. Don’t over eat, but eat regularly. Don’t forget to consume enough mineral water for the needs of fluids in the body fulfilled.

2. Sports and physical activity

Regularly sports and physical activity can help lower cholesterol levels by increasing HDL in the body. Types of sports can be mild exercises such as jogging or swimming. While physical activity is like everyday activities. However, don’t forget to take time off after the activities or sports.

3. Stop smoking

Stop right now if you have a habit of smoking. Whatever the reason smoking can harm health and cause many types of diseases such as heart disease. Prevent from now on because prevention is better than cure.

4. Stay away alcohol

Drinking alcohol greatly affects the pressure of one’s cholesterol level. That is why drinking alcohol should be avoided or stopped if you already have a habit of drinking alcohol. Without drinking alcohol then the body will be healthy and protected from various diseases including beneficial to lower cholesterol.

That’s a review of how to lower cholesterol levels in the body. Don’t forget to run a strong discipline if you want to lower your cholesterol levels. Be healthy by applying 5 tips to low cholesterol diet plan.


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