affordable weight loss surgery

Affordable Weight Loss Surgery: Understanding The Types

Affordable Weight Loss Surgery

The health problem in dealing with obesity keeps increasing as stated in 2010 study published by Harvard and MIT. In this regard, the problem keeps rising since it is predicted that in September 2004, around 35% of Americans suffer from overweight and this number will not be decreasing by 2050 with approximately 42% of obese Americans. This actually leads to the serious health problems such as the cardiovascular issues, high blood pressure, infertility, diabetes and much more.

In an attempt to deal with this problem, the affordable weight loss surgery will be the last option for those who want to kick out the obesity issues. This is believed to be the right way for some medical institutions since today’s health care overseas program also offers such affordable weight loss surgery for medical tourist

There are some types of affordable weight loss surgery offered by the patients that suit for the underlying problems:

  1. Gastric bypass surgery will split the stomach into two segments, the upper and the lower one. This helps to reduce the absorption of the calories intake per day.
  2. Gastric sleeve surgery involves the removal of the stomach and is replaced by the banana-shaped tube. It is also named as permanent weight loss surgery.
  3. Gastric band surgery engages with the use of the band to reduce the function of the stomach “smaller”. It can be adjusted by increasing or decreasing digestion system.
  4. Gastric sleeve plication surgery is the latest affordable weight loss surgery that involves the reducing the stomach’s capacity by folding the stomach tissues.

Struggling how to be so healthy for the obese person involves the affordable weight loss surgery program that will engage with the splitting, reducing or cutting a small part of the stomach. As the affordable weight loss surgery has been performed, the risk of being burdened by the serious health problems will be lessened. That is the reason why people prefer to do such surgery.


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