Dr McDougall diet

Follow Dr Mcdougall Diet For The Optimum Weight Loss

Dr Mcdougall Diet – A brand new breakthrough was discovered by the medical expertise, Dr. John McDougall who worked in the sugar plantation in Hawaii. He found out the consumption of rice combined vegetable yields in the very best results that those – Chinese, Japanese and Filipino patients – are far beyond the possibility of being suffered from chronic diseases.

What is Dr McDougall an effective diet?

Since then, the Dr McDougall diet comes to the public followed by another new finding stating that the vegetarian people’s children get fatter than the parents and fell sick due to the different menu in which the children consume meat combined with modern diet.

Since then, the doctor intends to create the new diet program with plant based or unprocessed vegetables. As you follow this program, it is expected that you can gain the ideal body weight with the good quality of the health.

In the other hand, it is said that you are expected to stay away with the animal-based products since it causes some unwanted side effects such as cholesterol, heart diseases, arteries damage and stroke. In comparison, it is totally different from the plant-based diet as what suggested by the Dr. McDougal that contains minerals, vitamins, immune booster, cancer-fighting, and phytochemicals.

As you follow the diet program proposed by Dr McDougall, you are actually destined to consume the sweet foods such as fruits, vegetables, and starches. With the sufficient consumption of sweet, you can gain the maximum energy with the best quality of the nutrition. In addition, you are also supposed to consume around 70-90% of calories derived from the complex carbohydrate foods such as root vegetables and grains.

Still, you have to be aware on what foods you need to avoid such as meat, fats, eggs, fish, poultry, oils and nuts. A thing that differs Dr McDougall diet from any other diets is that you are encouraged to eat as much as you can.


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