Friskies special diet

Friskies Special Diet for Lovely Kitten

Friskies is one of the cat foods that come from Thailand. Friskies special diet for a kitten is easy to find in supermarkets, often sponsors in cat lover community events. That is why Friskies became a very popular and famous cat food.

There is some kind of Friskies products like dry cat food for kittens, dry food for adult cats and wet foods. However, in this discussion will be more focused to discuss the Friskies kitten.

The shape and texture of Friskies are round-shaped like a half-ball. There are two colors namely brown and dark brown. Friskies is a delicious cat food with balanced and complete nutrition from the original fish and chicken meat. This cat food is friendly because it does not to sting so it is very liked by the cat.

Friskies, Highly Recommended of Cat Food

Friskies has a cheap price, already certified and easy to obtain. To check the certification you can see on the back of the Friskies package. That’s a number of reasons why Friskies become one of the best cat food types and highly recommended.

Kitten also needs nutrients to grow and develop well and healthy. However, not all cat foods have the complete nutrition needed by the kitten. Therefore, you must be careful in choosing the type of food for the kitten. Here are some of the nutrients needed in kitten food:

1. Fatty acids

The function of fatty acids is as follows:

  • Overcoming joint inflammation
  • Improve skin condition by baldness caused by fungus, infection, allergy, atopy, etc
  • Increase the immune system
  • Lowers cholesterol
  • Lowered cancer cell metastases
  • Smooth the performance of the heart and blood circulation

2. Protein

Protein in the body kitten is to form and repair the body organs and muscles, forming enzymes and hormones, maintain the immune system and generate energy.

3. Prebiotics

Among the pre-biotic functions are to complement the function and performance of probiotics, stimulate anti-inflammatory or anti-inflammatory and immune system development in the intestine and improve digestive activity such as intestinal absorption, bowel motility, absorb minerals and increase fat metabolism.

4. Antioxidants

The function of antioxidants is to prevent aging, improve the immune system, prevent heart disease, cancer and the type of disease caused by the presence of free radicals.

5. Calcium

The function of calcium content is for the formation and growth of bone, preventing kidney failure, forming red blood cells, transmission of nerve impulses and muscle contractions.

6. Taurine and vitamin A

Functions in taurine and vitamin A are beneficial for growth, assisting vision, healthy reproduction and protecting mucous membranes.

That is some of the nutrients needed by a kitten in its growth and Friskies has nutrients that are needed. Therefore, Friskies are the right kind of food to give to the kitten.

Don’t be confused again to choose the best food for the kitten because Friskies certainly be the answer. Make sure you provide the best care and food for a kitten that growing and one of the way is by giving Friskies special diet for your lovely kitten.


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