Gastric sleeve diet without surgery

These Are Ways of Gastric Sleeve Diet without Surgery

Many people want to do gastric sleeve diet without surgery for fear of surgery and the effects it causes. Indeed unhealthy lifestyles such as unhealthy eating patterns, eating disorganized and late eating become some of the main causes of the emergence of problems, especially problems of the digestive tract and stomach.

Gastric diet is done by giving a sufficient amount of food and not stimulating. It is useful to help further alleviate the performance of the digestive tract.

Some of the food given in gastric sleeve diet

1. Rice

For the gastric sleeve diet, there are some foods that are allowed or not allowed. One of the foods suggested in gastric sleeve diet is rice or a substitute. The rice for the gastric sleeve diet is must cooked as soft rice. While to replace it can use boiled potatoes, bread, biscuits and more. This replacement food should not be from sticky rice, corn, cassava, yams, and taro.

2. Meat

Beef can be used as food for gastric sleeve diet. Make sure the beef is eaten is a kind of beef that is not fat. For a change it, you can eat fish, liver, or grilled chicken. While salted fish, goat and meat fat are some examples of meat foods that are not allowed.

3. Milk

Milk is safe to drink for a gastric diet. In addition, yogurt, pure milk, sour milk and canned milk are also well drunk.

4. Vegetables

Eat young and fresh vegetables that do not generate gas and not much fiber like beans, spinach, carrots, and squash.

5. Fruits

Good fruit for gastric sleeve diet is like papaya, banana, and others. If you want to eat fruit like guava, remove the seeds first.

Although gastric sleeve diet without surgery can be used as an alternative way in gastric sleeve diet, the commitment in these step must be strong.


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