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Get To Know The Atkins Diet Meal Plan For The Initial Stage

When you come out with the decision on going for Atkins diet meal plan, in the initial stage called as induction phase, dieters are supposed not to take some foods such as starchy veggies e.g. corn and potatoes, any grains, dairy milk product, sugar, and fruits.

Knowing the reality of what you are not allowed to eat, it feels so frustrating, since you cannot eat your favorite foods. Thus, what you can eat in the first phase of the Atkins diet meal plan is non-starchy veggies, shellfish, lean beef, eggs, fish, and poultry. These kinds of foods are obliged to eat during two weeks that named as the phase one.

For the first phase in Atkins diet meal plan, you are instructed to eat the rich protein breakfast recommended in Atkins website. in this regard, you can take the omelet, spinach, avocados, thin strips of steak with some sliced onions as the topping. Still, you can enjoy the smoked salmon with the sliced cucumber and the cream cheese.

As the lunchtime has come, eat some foods before you are starving. In this Atkins diet meal plan, you can eat fresh salad combined with the grilled chicken or the tuna salad with the diced fresh avocado is another option to try out during the lunch time.

The thing that you need to remember is about the dinner. In this regard, you must have dinner with some foods such as grilled fish with salad or any steamed veggies.

To get the better taste in your Atkins diet meal plan foods, you can add some seasonings e.g. pepper, spices, salt, etc, but do not add any ketchup. It is because ketchup contains high carbohydrates. During the day, you are still expected to have snacks in between breakfast, lunch, and dinner such as broccoli or avocado.


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