Ivanka Trump Weight Loss

Great Tips for Ivanka Trump Weight Loss

In the development of era, there are many styles of diet, so it makes the dieters have big efforts to do diet program. The diet styles’ name depends on the diet model who succeeds to lose their weight, then people use their name as the one style of diet, like this one, Ivanka Trump Weight Loss.

Ivanka Trump is Donald Trump’s daughter. She is being the one figure of diet program because he has a slim body that is very proportional. She is multi talented with doing many profession, like politician, model, artist, and also a businesswoman. Besides her great life, people focus on her performance that has great propositional weight so she is very pretty.

Tips of Diet style of Ivanka Trump

Here are the tips of getting diet program of Ivanka Trump style:

1. Eating more kind protein

Ivanka likes toe at salmon to fulfill her protein needed. It is because salmon contains more omega-3 acid acids that will reduce the high cholesterol and improve the blood circulation in the body’s metabolism system.

2. Eating enough carbs

Ivanka suggests eating low menu of carbs to help to lose the overweight.

3. Doing cardio activity

It is important because cardio is the main organ of our body. Ivanka likes to do a cardio activity. She calls that activity as Soul Cycle. It is the physical activity combining with the food menu. The menu should be healthy and support the cardio function.

4. Adding energy to cardio activity

It is done for re-getting of lost energy after doing a cardio activity. We can eat and drink to get the energy back.

5. Doing Yoga

Yoga is one of the best exercises that can be chosen for losing our weight. Yoga will make us more focus and also make use to have the best breath and also make our bodies connection stronger.

6. Running time every day

To burn the fat of our bodies, we suggested to running. Ivanka always s run 13, 1 miles every day to control her breathing and make some illness far away.

Ivanka Trump Weight Loss focuses on consuming healthy food to give enough calories for the body. Besides, the best exercise suggested to supporting diet program. It is recommended diet style and let’s try it.


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