Kirkland Weight Loss Shake Costco

Effective Kirkland Weight Loss Shake Costco

Kirkland Shake Costco is one brand with Kirkland Green Tea. the difference of both is that the Kirkland Green Tea is in the powder form and liquid form, while Kirkland Shake Costco is in the liquid shake form. It means that the drinking of Kirkland Shake Costco is by shaking first. This Kirkland Weight Loss Shake Costco is being the effective supplement for supporting diet program.

The form of this Kirkland Shake Costco is like the other shake drink. It is practice and we don’t need to serve it first. We can drink it straightly. Besides, some types of this Kirkland Shka Costco are available. They are Kirkland Signature Complete Nutritional Shake Vanilla, Kirkland Signature Weight Shake Milk Chocolate, and much more. We can choose base don our favorite taste.

Ingredients of Kirkland Shake Costco

This Kirkland Shake Costco has no Trans, Polyunsaturated, and also Monounsaturated. But it contains 6 grams of fat and a gram, of saturated. It is minimum fat and appropriate for dieters drink. Then the calorie is 180, sodium 200 mg and calcium 620 mg.

For the dieters, the consumption of carbs should be enough. We can also find it in this Kirkland Shake Costco. It has 26 gram of total carbs. Not only that, although we do diet program, we should consume the fiber food. For getting this enough in our body, the Kirkland Shake Costco also contains 5 grams of dietary fiber, 18 gram of sugar, and 10 gram of protein. The combination of V35% vitamin A, 100% Vitamin C, 50 % Calcium, and also 15% phosphorus are being the complete combination.

This Kirkland Weight Loss Shake Costco is so effective supplement to support our diet program. We can save it in the freezer and consume it regularly. The practice packing will give economic function and easy to bring wherever we go.


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