Gerson Therapy Diet

Natural Remedy of Gerson Therapy Diet

Gerson therapy diet is a natural remedy where it activates the extraordinary ability to heal itself through diet, natural supplements, coffee enemas, raw and organic vegetarian juices.

This type of therapy uses an approach to healing by reactivating the body’s ability to heal itself without any damaging side effects. This powerful natural treatment can greatly enhance the body’s immune system, to treat heart disease, cancer, arthritis, allergies and other degenerative diseases.

In about 1930 Dr. Max Gerson developed the Gerson therapy method where initially only as migraine treatment until finally developed into a treatment for degenerative diseases such as diabetes until the most famous called cancer. Things distinguish Gerson therapy with other therapies is where in Gerson therapy effectively treats a wide range of different diseases to heal itself with remarkable abilities.

Nutrition is abundant in the body in large amounts of organic juice drinks every day to make substances and then break down the tissue in the body of the sick. Indeed throughout life, the body is filled with various toxic pollutants and carcinogens.

The toxins are connected with the air inhaled, the drugs consumed, the food eaten and the water to drink. The presence of a detoxification regimen from Gerson therapy seeks to eliminate the toxins present in the body so that it can begin a true healing process.

Gerson Therapy’s Works

Gerson therapy’s works are to regenerate the health of the body, supporting every important metabolic by flooding the body with nutrients from organic vegetables and fruits up to about 15-20 pounds, mostly used to make fresh raw juice in one cup per hour up to 13 in one day.

Metabolism is stimulated by the addition of potassium, thyroid and other types of supplements. It also avoids animal fat, excess sodium, protein and other toxins. By the availability of oxygen, detoxification, and increased metabolism by using a natural remedy of Gerson therapy diet, the cells and the body can regenerate and prevent future disease attacks.


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