sugar busters diet

What To Eat During Sugar Busters Diet?

When it deals with the sugar busters diet, you are going to lose some pounds with the help of healthy life style, as you are supposed to consume low-sugar foods. As you do this diet program, it is absolutely sure that this diet program also reduces the glucose and insulin level in the body. The thing you need to know about this diet program is that when the body is not capable of storing the fat, it can be concluded that there will be no weight gain.

What To Eat During The Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner?

As you commit to going for this diet program, you need to be aware of the foods that you consume in daily life. When the breakfast comes, it is not recommended to take beverages with high-sugar, but you can replace it with the low-sugar juice. Another option is to consume the bacon, turkey, and sausage so that you will also meet the daily protein intake. If you are fed up with this food, it is suggested to consume oatmeal, instead.

In the midday, when the lunch has come, you can consume all various kinds of veggies, except corn, rutabagas, beets, potatoes, and parsnips. Make sure to consume the low-calories veggies and high-fiber, so that it is tremendously helpful to keep you full and satisfied. Adding some slices of skinless poultry, fish, tofu or nuts are also recommended. If you want to consume high-fat meat, it is recommended to bake, grill or boil it before eating.

When the dinner, you are supposed to be aware of the nutrient intake in which it is said that 30% fat, 40% high-fiber carb and 30% protein. For the protein source, you can get it from the nuts, soy or legumes so that it keeps the saturated fat low. In fact, it is suggested to consume homemade soup that contains meat, bean, and low protein source.

When the obese people come decide to go for this sugar busters diet, it is also recommended to go for healthy life style and regular exercise. Without considering these two matters, it is thought that the diet will come to naught. Thus, stay on track on what you are supposed to consume in the three meal times.


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