Congestive Heart Failure Diet

Tips for Succeeding Congestive Heart Failure Diet

Diet is a must. It is for the people who have the problem about their weight. But we should also check about our body’s ability. Can it do the diet or not. Even for the people who have the hard disease, like CHF or Congestive Heart Failure. It should be the special Congestive Heart Failure Diet process.

The normal healthy people will do the usual diet they can choose from many kinds of diet. But for the Congestive Heart Failure people should do the particular and special diet. It is important to make the diet succeeds without having the bad effect for the body. Because the congestive heart failure is the hard disease that closes to the main organ of the body, heart.

Tips that we can do for having healthy Congestive Heart Failure program

1. Reduce the salt food consumption

It is important because salt will increase the water component of the body then it makes the heart work harder. If it is happening continuously, it makes the congestive heart failure critical.

There some ways reducing salt food, they’re by choosing the fresh fruit and fresh vegetables on the menu. Then choosing the low salt food, like fish, meat, egg, milk, yogurt, and etc.

2. Always checking the ingredients label before buy

The way to check the labels is by attending the nutrient list, percentage of the daily value, calories per gram, and also the sodium content.

3. Cook the menu well

After we have the best way to the low-salt food, we should also be smart in cooking the food. It can be done by avoiding the salt taste addition when cooking process. We can also add the onion, garlic, or others.

4. Remove the salt when eating

When the food still served with the salt shaker, please remove it. Use it again make our congestive heart failure will critical.

5. Blend with the herbs food

Stay to eat the natural food, like fruit and vegetable. It is good for supporting the diet process of congestive heart failure people.

When doing congestive heart failure diet, we should be careful. The main thing we should remember is avoiding salt food. Make sure we always do more exercise also.


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