weight loss surgery for teen

Weight Loss Surgery For Teen To Have Better Life

When it comes to the decision of finding the right way out to deal with the obesity, some teenagers who are really in overweight will go for bariatric surgery. This weight loss surgery for teen is actually designed for the adults, but it is possible to perform as long as it is under the doctor’s supervision.

In addition, the doctor might recommend this surgery if the traditional remedies, diet pills, and supplements do not work. With the morbidly obese, teenagers are also encouraged to go for this operation in an attempt to help them from an unwanted side-effect of being overweight. Now, the problem is when the exact time for the teenagers to undergo this operation.

Time To Perform Surgery

As you want to perform this operation, you need to check your body mass index (BMI). It is in line with what Dr. Shikora says that teenagers are allowed to go for bariatric operation if the BMI is above 35 and the obesity may be linked to the sleep apnea, high pressure, and diabetes.

In addition, the doctor can perform this operation for kids, it the BMI is measured to be approximately more than 40. Even though there are no exact guidelines in dealing with the time to have surgery, Shikora also states that kids in their 13 or 14 years old are supposed to do this surgery as long as they have reached maturity.

The study has investigated that two types of bariatric surgery named adjustable gastric banding and gastric bypass are the two options to choose with some considerations from both parents and child.

Having performed weight loss surgery for teen, the children are able to be back to their activities such as going to school and playing with mates. Even though bariatric surgery is thought to be the safe procedure to lose some pounds among the kids, it is supposed to understand that possible side-effect should be aware of. For the permanent result of this surgery, it is supposed to commit life style changes such as regular exercise and healthy diet program.


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